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 The War in Context
   alternative perspectives on the "war on terrorism"

Pumping up the pressure
Saudi Arabia may join other Arab states in using oil as a weapon in the Middle East conflict

Jeremy Rifkin, The Guardian, April 26, 2002

Up to now, the prevailing wisdom on Wall Street has been that there was "a very low possibility" that Arab oil producers would cut supplies. This may, however, be wishful thinking. What no one seems to be taking into account is how powerless and desperate millions of Arabs are likely to feel in the months ahead if the violence between Israel and the Palestinians continues. The bottom line is that the oil card may be the only weapon open to the Arab world. If the collective rage of the Muslim world boils over, look for young Muslims to take to the streets in large numbers, as they already have in Iraq, chanting "Arab oil for the Arabs". The public pressure to use oil as a weapon against Israel, the US and the west might be too politically charged for Saudi Arabia and other Gulf governments to ignore.
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September 11 and the declaration of a "war on terrorism," has forced Americans to look at the World in a new light. No one can afford any longer to define the limits of their concerns by refusing to look beyond this nation's borders. If the freedom that every American cherishes, is not to become a freedom bound within a fortress, then every American will need to understand and respect the needs and concerns of the rest of the World. To this end, The War in Context invites anyone with interest and an open mind to listen to the critical discourse in which the policies and actions of the Bush administration are now being questioned. This debate, which is engaging inquiring minds inside and outside America, will hopefully inform the development of a sustainable new world order - a world order in which America is as much shaped by the World as is the World shaped by America.